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Darnell Bishop Hughes, known by the name ‘Tha Bishop.’  His producer name and he is also the CEO and founder of ‘Tha Bishop Productions, LLC' Indie Music Production company. As a devoted and charismatic American rapper, song writer, manager, actor, radio personality  and music producer, ‘Tha Bishop’ is known for his versatile flow, punch line lyrics and head banging, soulful beats. Born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, even as a child Bishop wrote poetry and spent countless hours in a studio setting. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Bishop had a passion to honor and serve his Country and joined the US Army in 2003. After proudly serving his Country, Bishop was granted an honorable discharge. Knowing the importance and power of knowledge, Bishop moved to the next phase of his life by furthering his education. In 2014, Bishop returned to his love of music and founded ‘Tha Bishop Productions', LLC. Tha Bishop has worked multiple artists. 



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